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School/University cleaners urgently required regular basis


This is a great opportunity to work early in the morning before you go to school or to university. There are regular jobs available. The first thing we need is a local Melbourne, VIC worker as we are located within the city’s CBD. A cleaner must also be humble because there are many students in our school.

Therefore, we suggest that the cleaner should speak in a polite manner. To be a dependable employee for the school, the candidate should also be attentive and consistent. To remove rust, old stains, and other debris from school floors, the cleaner must be able to use both machinery and chemicals simultaneously.

Furthermore, as a cleaner, the main duty is to sanitize and clean the restroom to ensure that the area is COVID-free. Working as a school cleaner requires the following duties: arriving at the school before the day begins, refilling the needed items by reporting them to the line manager

Using health and safety procedures while on the job, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing the area as instructed by the school. Working effectively and supportively are essential requirements

Experienced personnel is preferred but not mandatory, and able to complete tasks methodically. For more information, please contact me by phone or text at 0449668259. Thanks

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