Need cleaner male or female contact

I am currently searching for a well-trained, hardworking cleaner in our well-established commercial cleaning company. We’re located inside the Gregory hills area so we might wish to recruit someone who lives inside/locally to the Liverpool or Auburn or nearby.

Work 7 days available per week & work starting time 5:30am early morning. To try to to this role you must: Must be got to be reliable, hardworking, flexible & honest. Must be got to pay good attention to the main points. Must have excellent experience of working in similar roles. Must have a good command of English.

Must have the flexibility to work with a team/individual.Must have good availability of your time throughout every week. These are the factors of this job position & only apply if you bought all the mention criteria. If not then kindly

Don’t respond back to the current ad/post. during this job the overtime work facility is out there & it’ll be provided as per the corporate rules. Salary is good & it’ll be provided in awarded rates.

So if you’re interested to try and do this role then please contact us directly on this number 0449834614. Thanks

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